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Defenders Slug and Snail Barrier Tape - 4 metres

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Defenders Slug and Snail Barrier Tape - 4 metres

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  • Humane; A mild static charge is created when a slug or snail touches the tape, it doesn’t harm or kill them
  • Chemical free; A poison free way of protecting your plants from snails and slugs
  • Safe; No need to worry about children or pets being near the tape
  • Easy application; Simply peel back the adhesive tape and stick around the circumference of the plant pot, then trim off any excess tape
  • Versatile; Can be used on multiple different areas of the garden such as raised flower beds or plant pots

Defenders Slug and Snail Barrier Tape

If you have a problem with slugs and snails eating your precious plants and vegetables then you need to use slug and snail tape from Defenders.


Using copper tape to protect your plants means that slugs and snails are deterred from eating your vegetation rather than killing them. When a slug or snail touches the tape, a mild static charge is generated, deterring them from going any further. The tape is a chemical free, environmentally friendly way to keep slugs and snails at bay.

How it works

Simply peel back the adhesive layer on the tape and stick the tape in a complete circle around your plant pot, alternatively, put it on the entire length of your raised flower bed. Trim off any excess leaving a small overlap. Make sure you trim back any overhanging leaves or branches to avoid giving the slugs and snails another way onto your plants.

4 metre roll



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