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Squirrel Proof Feeders

Select a squirrel proof bird feeder and give your feathered friends an exclusive dining experience. Squirrels are clever and cunning when it comes to raiding bird feeders, so protect your bird food from furry fiends with these squirrel proof feeders. Happy to feed all garden wildlife? Try a ground feeder or bird table.

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Squirrel proof feeder buying guide

Squirrels love nothing better than to steal the food you put out for the birds. These creatures have a reputation for beating all deterrents, but with the right feeder it’s quite easy to defeat our bushy-tailed friends.

What is the best squirrel-proof feeder?

There are a number of different feeders on the market that use different methods to deter squirrel access. They all work, but squirrels are nothing if not determined. So some experimentation may be necessary to determine which works best for your garden. That said, we’re confident that any selection from our range of squirrel-proof feeders will prove effective.

Do squirrel-proof bird feeders work?

Squirrel-proof bird feeders are extremely effective. Caged feeders work by allowing entrance to the feeder to birds which fit through the gaps in the bars while denying larger birds and mammals like squirrels. Another popular form of squirrel-proofing is feeders designed with a protective dome over the top, ensuring that squirrels cannot access the feeder below.

How to squirrel-proof bird feeders

If you have a problem with squirrels feeding from your existing bird feeding stations, installing a squirrel baffle is one of the most effective ways to stop them. This specially designed metal dish fits around the central pole with the concave surface facing down; try as they might, squirrels cannot get past. For ground bird feeders, consider buying a squirrel-proof cage which simply fits over the feeder and keeps the rodents out without obscuring your view of the birds.

How to clean a squirrel-proof feeder

Aim to clean out and replenish your bird feeders on a weekly basis, paying particular attention during wet and/or warm, humid weather. To clean your feeder, take it down and empty the contents before scrubbing using a brush in hot, soapy water. Be sure to remove all stuck-on food residues and bird mess and allow the unit to dry thoroughly before replenishing with fresh feed.

For more useful advice read our article on how to squirrel proof your bird feeders.

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