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Sunflower Seed Feeders

Offer a sunflower seed feeder and treat wild birds to nutritious meals. Perfect for small birds in need of an energy boost. Worried about husks making a mess? Select a bird feeder with a tray or try husk free sunflower hearts. Want to feed bigger birds? Bird tables are a great way to offer sunflower seed for birds of all sizes.

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Sunflower seed feeder buying guide

Sunflower seeds and hearts are one of the most popular bird seed products on the market. Here, we respond to some of the questions about this healthy, nutritious bird food and the best feeders.

What is the best bird feeder for sunflower seeds?

The best sunflower seed feeders feature mesh or a feeding aperture big enough for birds to peck through without damaging their beaks, but small enough to prevent seeds falling out. In terms of the ‘best’ feeder, choose the one you like best that suits your specific location and needs. From a window-mounted sunflower seed feeder to hanging versions and squirrel-proof options, we have the range you need to make the perfect choice.

Can you put sunflower seeds in any bird feeder?

Not any feeder, no. As mentioned above, the mesh or feeding window must be wide enough for the birds to extract the seed safely without seeds spilling everywhere. Here at Happy Beaks, our sunflower seed feeders are perfectly designed for their intended purpose.

What birds do sunflower seed feeders attract?

With their excellent blend of macronutrients – typically 28% fat and 15% protein – and micronutrients like copper, manganese and selenium – sunflower seeds offer excellent nutrition for birds and attract a wide range of different species. Some birds you can hope to attract with sunflower seeds, black sunflower seeds, and sunflower hearts include finches, blackbirds, starlings, thrushes, siskins and robins, just to name a few.

Are sunflower heart feeders different from seed feeders?

You can use any seed feeder for sunflower seeds, but because of their unique shape, sunflower seeds and hearts have a slight tendency to get stuck, creating empty pockets that frustrate birds’ attempts to get hold of the seeds. For this reason, sunflower seed feeders often feature several feeding holes plus a handy tray to catch empty shells.

For more information, read our guide on why wild birds love sunflower hearts here.

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