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Niger Seed Feeders

Choose from an innovative range of niger seed feeders here at Happy Beaks. Specifically designed for dispensing tiny nyjer / niger seeds and fitted with a useful tray, these feeders prevent spillage and unnecessary mess. Small and colourful wild birds flock to these bird feeders for an oil rich feast. Popular with goldfinches, niger seed is the perfect straight feed for inviting flashes of colour into your outside space.

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Niger seed bird feeders - a quick guide

Learn all you need to know about a niger seed feeder in seconds with our quick guide below:

What are niger seeds and why do they need specific feeders?

Niger seeds are tiny, oil rich seeds from the plant Guizotia abyssinica. A stout annual plant with yellow flowers originating from North East Africa.

Due to the small size of niger seed, normal seed feeders can't retain the seeds. Niger seed feeders are specifically designed to prevent spillage and provide a steady supply.

What birds eat niger seed?

Goldfinches are perhaps the biggest fan of these tiny treats. However, the oil-rich, highly nutritious qualities of niger seed, combined with their shape, mean they attract all finch species and other small birds.

Is it nyjer, nyger or niger seed?

Niger seed is the most common spelling in the UK, so we go with that. Other spellings include nyjer, nijer and nyger® which is in fact a trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Industry.

For more niger seed and feeder facts read our Nine Things You Need To Know About Niger Seed.

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