Bird Tables

Buy a bird table to welcome feathered friends and create a fascinating focal point for your garden. These wooden garden bird tables and bird feeder stations serve a wide variety of bird food to help you attract an exciting assortment of visitors.

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Bird Table Tips

Enjoy watching more garden birds with these handy bird table tips.

How to attract birds to a bird table

If you position your bird table in an accessible yet sheltered position in the garden, close to suitable brush and tree branches for birds to hide in, and keep it topped up with fresh food, the birds will come. It’s also vital to make sure you keep the table clean, removing uneaten seeds and other bird food before it spoils. Offering water as well as food will also help attract more birds.

How to keep pigeons off bird tables

Unless you guard your bird table against them, pigeons will land on any flat surface and happily guzzle all the bird food you put out. To keep these voracious feeders off your tables, try choosing a model with a low roof that pigeons can’t fit under or tack lengths of string from the roof at 2” intervals – pigeons and corvids don’t like the feeling of it on their wings.

Some bird lovers have had success with leaving out sunflower hearts or other food which pigeons love, in another part of the garden from where their bird table is. Of course, there’s always the risk that the pigeons will finish their main course and still come back to your bird table for dessert.

How to deter squirrels from your bird table

The tussle between squirrels and humans for control of the bird table has been going on for as long as we’ve had bird tables. These ingenious creatures have so far been able to beat pretty much any invention we’ve put out there to try to stop them. That said, there are a few effective strategies you can try.

• Install a squirrel baffle
• Caged ‘squirrel proof’ bird feeders
• Spinning feeders activated by weight
• Hanging feeders with a protective perspex dome

How to clean a wooden bird table

To clean your wooden bird table, first remove and dispose of any leftover food. Next, use a scraper to remove any stuck-on dirt before giving the table a good scrub with hot soapy water or diluted bleach. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow it to dry before replenishing the food. Aim to clean your bird table at least once a week.

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