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Bird peanuts offer an oil-rich energy hit for a wide variety of wild birds. Here at Happy Beaks, all whole and split peanuts for birds are 100% aflatoxin tested to ensure the best quality possible. Irresistible to small birds like greenfinches, tits and sparrows, peanuts provide an all-season energy boost. Be sure to use a suitable bird peanut feeder as whole peanuts can pose a choke hazard to smaller birds, and store in a dry, sealed container to avoid unwanted moisture.

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Peanut splits

Peanut splits


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Peanuts - Aflatoxin Tested

Peanuts - Aflatoxin Tested


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The Peanut & Sunflower Combo Bundle

The Peanut & Sunflower Combo Bundle


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All Seasons Bundle


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Platinum Feed Bundle

Platinum Feed Bundle


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Bird peanut information

Peanuts are one of the most popular bird feed products on the market today. But are they suitable for all birds, and are there circumstances in which you should avoid feeding peanuts to wildlife? Here we take a look at some of your peanut FAQs.

What birds eat peanuts?

Although small finches may not bother with them, the list of birds which do enjoy peanuts includes a broad range of British native species, including blackbirds, robins, song thrushes, dunnocks, chaffinches and collared doves, tits, finches, siskins, sparrows, corvids, and, of course, pigeons.

Are bird peanuts safe for humans?

We do not advise you to eat peanuts intended for use as bird feed. Peanuts not produced for human consumption can contain aflatoxin. This toxin comes from mould, which grows on peanuts and is highly toxic to birds and humans. Here at Happy Beaks, we only supply peanuts that have been tested for aflatoxin, but you still shouldn’t eat them because they do not meet the stringent food safety standards required for peanuts intended for human consumption.

Are peanuts good for wild birds?

Peanuts contain the perfect mix of macronutrients for wild birds. That said, please make sure that you clear up any leftover peanuts that remain on the ground. Although hedgehogs also love peanuts, they’re not at all suitable for them. The same goes for sunflower seeds and mealworms.

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