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Bird Feeding Stations

Select a metal or wooden bird feeding station to cater for a variety of wild birds. By hanging bird feeders filled with a selection of peanuts, seeds and sunflower hearts, all in one place, you'll create an irresistible avian attraction. For an alternative multi-feed station consider a bird table or ground feeder.

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Bird Feeding Station buying guide

What better way to encourage birds to visit your garden than by setting up your own bird feeding stations? To help you choose and get started, here are our answers to some of your feeder-related FAQs.

What are the best feeder stations?

Different birds like to feed at different levels, with some preferring ground-level bird feeders while others like to feed higher up. The best feeding stations feature multiple feeders at varying heights off the ground. This way, you offer lots of perches at varying heights as well as a variety of foods to attract a wide range of birds. Either opt for a few bird feeders hung from tree branches to offer a more natural setting for feeding, or go for a multi-feeder system. You might also consider a feeder with a roof and a water station so that birds benefit from shelter, accessible food, and hydration at their very own ‘fly-thru’.

How do you set up a bird feeding station?

To set up your bird feeding station, choose a location that is:

• In clear view, so you can watch the birds
• Easy for you to get to but away from busy areas to avoid disturbance
• Somewhere it’s easy to clean your feeders and pick up any feed left on the ground
• Near bushes and trees so visitors can escape to safety should they feel the need.

If you have a bird feeding station with multiple feeders, offer a mix of feeders and feeds to attract a variety of garden birds.

How to secure a multi-bird feeder station

To secure a multi-feeder, choose one with a strong, sturdy ground spike you can push deep into the soil. Alternatively, you might consider cementing the pole into the ground, or, if you live in a windy area, you might consider staking the pole and securing it with cable ties.

For more handy tips and advice read our guide on how to attract more birds to your feeding station.

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