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Nut Feeders

Peanut feeders offer a safe way for birds to feed on high energy nuts. The mesh size on our peanut bird feeders is wide enough to prevent beak damage and small enough to stop large chunks escaping. When filled with aflatoxin-tested bird peanuts these nut feeders will attract a wide variety of wild birds to your home.

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Bird nut feeder FAQs

Birds love nuts for their high fat and protein content, but what birds will you attract with your nut feeders? Which feeder should you choose, and where should you hang it? Here, we answer your questions about nut feeders.

Best peanut bird feeders

All of our nut feeders are perfectly suited for filling with bird peanuts. Our best seller is the Nature's Market Nut Feeder with Squirrel Guard, as it offers great value squirrel protection. The Nature's Market Wild Bird Nut Feeder is also a popular choice for its ease-of-use, large capacity and low-price. For a great looking, long lasting, hanging bird nut feeder try the Happy Beaks Premium Lantern Nut Feeder.

What birds eat peanuts from feeders?

Most birds enjoy eating peanuts, especially when you include mixed bird seed that includes peanut nibs. Some species you’ll likely see munching on our aflatoxin-tested peanuts include blackbirds, robins, thrushes, chaffinches, dunnocks, doves, tits, finches, siskins, sparrows, corvids, and, of course, pigeons.

Where to hang bird nut feeders?

Hang your nut feeder somewhere within a few feet of brush, trees or a fence that birds can first use as a perch while they check out your bird feeders. Make sure there’s a clear flight path to the feeders, which also makes for an easy escape should the birds get spooked. You should also choose a spot where you can see all the bird action and easily access the feeders for cleaning and maintenance, but not so close to the house that your coming and going is likely to disrupt the birds. Also, think about how easy it will be for cats and other predators to ambush birds as they feed, and locate your feeders accordingly.

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