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Mealworms are a high calorie treat loved by birds of all shapes and sizes. A great replacement for naturally occurring foods, which aren't always available, this a great grub that's packed full of protein. For best results, use a mealworm feeder or simply serve dried mealworms on a bird table.

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Mealworms (Bag)

Mealworms (Bag)


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Mealworms (Tub)


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Mealworms - a quick guide

Want to know more about mealworms? Read our questions and answers below.

What are mealworms?

Mealworms are the larvae of darkling beetles and offer a high-protein treat for wild birds.

Do hedgehogs eat mealworms?

DO NOT feed dried mealworms to hedgehogs. Mealworms are great for birds as they are high in protein, but they can be harmful to hedgehogs due to the poor calcium / phosphorus ratio.

Hedgehogs will eat mealworms but can become addicted! Without a balanced diet hedgehogs will develop illness and disease.

Do mealworms bite?

Live mealworms are capable of biting, but they're too small and weak for the bite to be noticeable by humans. Buy dried mealworms if you have any doubts!

Read our full mealworms guide for more interesting information.

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