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Fat Balls (90g)

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Suet balls for birds offer great flying fuel.,A high fat treat for garden birds of many sizes, in various sizes. Suet balls for birds offer great flying fuel.

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Full of energy and made from the best quality suet possible, these low on mess fat balls offer many essential vitamins for flying visitors. They are particularly popular with a variety of finches, but can also attract more unusual visitors, such as blackcaps and treecreepers.

In days gone by, we would have put out our fatty leftovers for garden birds, but in the modern age, with saturated fat dropping off the menu, it would be a rare treat indeed. So with our no filler fat balls, consisting of a mix of beef suet, insects, plus more quality bird feed regulars, you can provide an all round treat that’s packed with flying fuel.

Available in a variety of sizes, our fat balls are just the ticket if you want to give a variety of birds some much needed energy.

Please note: the 150 x 90g pack of Fat Balls is delivered in a box, with the 300 x 90g Fat Balls box delivered as 2 x 150

Key Ingredients: Oils and fats, wheat, sunflower seed, natural minerals, corn flour, maize and sorghum

G2553 - 50pcs

G2554 - 150pcs

KC3611 - 300pcs

  • Oils and Fats
  • Wheat
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Natural Minerals
  • Corn Flour
  • Maize
  • Sorghum

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