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Happy Beaks Automatic Feeding Scoop

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Happy Beaks Automatic Feeding Scoop

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  • Makes refilling easy – Makes refilling your bird feeders super quick, easy and with much less mess
  • Controlled refilling – Use the built-in lever to control the flow of the seeds or nuts so you don’t overfill your feeders
  • Handy hook – Can be hung up out of the way and available when you need it
  • Hygienic design - Allows you to fill bird feeders without touching the feed
  • Save money - Avoid any costly seed spillages

Happy Beaks Feed Scoop

Refilling bird feeds can be messy and a slow process, but with this handy feed scoop, it just got a whole lot easier.

Simply dig the scoop into a bag of seed, peanuts or suet pellets, carry to the chosen feeder and pour the seed without any fuss or mess. Control the flow of the seeds and nuts using the built-in lever and close the lever when you’re done, then move on to the next feeder. So simple!

A must have for any bird enthusiast.

Dimensions: L29 x W12 x H10cm
Weight: 85kg

G3625 - Happy Beaks Automatic Feeding Scoop


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