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Happy Beaks Squirrel Proof Domed Bird Feeder

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Happy Beaks Squirrel Proof Domed Bird Feeder

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  • Squirrel proof; Domed lid, designed to keep squirrels out
  • Versatile; Great for any types of bird feeds and you could even put a mix of feed in there
  • Weatherproof; Keeps the bird feed dry in the wet weather
  • Adjustable; Easily change the height of the dome
  • Easy to clean; Simply remove the food, take the dome off and wash and allow to air dry

Happy Beaks Squirrel Proof Domed Bird Feeder

Protect your bird seed from squirrels and larger birds with this squirrel proof domed feeder. Designed with an adjustable dome lid so you can vary the height to suit the birds you want to attract.

Bird seed mixes are high-quality options that will attract a large variety of birds, such as tits, finches and robins, and will keep them returning for more. They offer a variety of foods to cater for different needs and feeding preferences and are perfect for use through the entire year.

Dome measures 30cm in diameter

G3661 - Happy Beaks Squirrel Proof Domed Bird Feeder


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