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SUPA 4 Port Mealworm Feeder with Tray | Happy Beaks

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SUPA 4 Port Mealworm Feeder with Tray

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  • 4 ports - Lots of feeding ports to entice a multitude of birds to your garden
  • Easy to hang - Features an integrated hanging hook for hanging from branches or feeding tables
  • Feeding tray - Acts as an alternative feeding station for birds who prefer to like flat feeding surfaces
  • Easy to fill and maintain - Easy opening lid, great to keep the food topped up

SUPA 4 Port Mealworm Feeder with Tray

Encourage a wealth of stunning birds into your garden with this 4 port mealworm feeder with tray. Constructed from plastic, the feeder features six adjustable feeding ports and is perfect for seed mixes, sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts. Large, rounded and adjustable perches let birds stand to the side or front to better watch for predators whilst eating.

Mealworms are a source of nutrition that new arrivals love come breeding season, they offer an extra option if the naturally occurring grubs are hard to come by. Come winter, your garden birds need a lot in the way of energy, mealworms are full of saturated fat, and easy to digest, they give birds a welcome boost.

This versatile feeder can be hung from a branch or feeding table, or can even be placed on a length of dowel driven into the ground.

Dimensions: D6.5 x H32cm
Tray: D18cm
Weight: 130g

G3636 - SUPA 4 Port Mealworm Feeder with Tray


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