What makes Happy Beaks feed the best?

By putting out bird food, you’re giving nature a massive helping hand. In breeding season, it’s a fantastic idea to help out those fledglings, namely by helping out their parents. When the winter rolls around, food is hard to come by; as a result, seeds, peanuts and everything else in between has become a mainstay of the menu for many garden birds.

This is why at Happy Beaks we make sure every single product we sell is the best quality possible, right down to the tiniest grain.


When selecting the ingredients for each of our seed mixes, we only choose the best grains possible. Many low quality garden bird foods are crammed with cheap filler, which not only lacks nutritional value, but can also hinder your efforts to attract a variety of birds.

Here at Happy Beaks we’d much prefer to offer only the best. Our products contain only the best individual ingredients, and aren’t crammed with husks that limit the efficiency of your feeding efforts!


Our Wild Bird No Wheat Seed Mix is obviously without wheat, but why? The larger birds such as pigeons and doves, are big consumers of wheat, so by deciding not to have it in this product, we allow you to give the smaller birds such as finches and tits a chance.

As well as only including the best ingredients, we also offer the best choice. Whether it’s our Robin & Songbird or our No Mess Mix, we think about every little detail, and only offer products that meet a real need.


When feeding birds, it is important to maintain the best hygiene possible. So with that in mind, shouldn’t the same approach be adopted by bird food suppliers? Absolutely, and that’s why we make sure every part of the supply chain adheres to strict hygiene policies.

Not only do we also promote proper storage of garden bird food, but we also make sure impurities such as mould and grit do not enter the foods. By properly cleaning the foods in this manner, we make sure that the nutritional content of the food is maintained, and that the chances of avian disease are massively reduced.


The right ingredients, for the right products, all handled in the right way. But what about the source? We only choose the best suppliers when it comes to sourcing our ingredients. We make sure all components are grown, harvested and stored correctly.

Wherever possible, we try our hardest to use UK suppliers in order to limit our carbon footprint. But our approach is designed around a perfect balance of price and quality. So if we feel we can get a better grade ingredient from countries such as Australia, Canada or France, we will source ingredients from those places. Best is best, no matter where it’s grown.


Happy Beaks is owned and operated by bird lovers, so it’s not just in our interest to offer the best products possible, it’s also our passion. That’s why we also offer a range of hints and tips for bird feeding, and why we’re always on call if our customers need help.

Isn't all bird food the same?

In short, no! Many suppliers may use cheap ingredients, or cut corners where they can make a saving. Find out why Happy Beaks is different.

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Selection: We only select the best ingredients for each product, and don't use cheap filler.
Formulation: We only sell products that meet a real need for our customers, and for the birds they feed.
Cleaning: We make sure that every stage of the supply chain adheres to very strict hygiene standards.
Sourcing: Best is best. All ingredients must be grown, harvested and stored correctly.

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