How to store bird food

Monday 27 November 2017, 11:32 AM

Peanuts, sunflower hearts and seed mixes of all descriptions; there are a lot of different bird food options out there, and storing it properly is really important. Store it badly, and bird food can “go off” very quickly indeed, which of course is not only a terrible waste of money, but also means those feathered lovelies could go hungry! So here’s a foolproof guide to keep your flying pals fed and in flight.

What to store bird feed in

Keeping your bird feed in the bag can increase the chances of moisture getting into it, which along with a bit of warmth, can help create mould; turning nutritious food into a bacteria riddled danger. And let’s not forget, mice, pets and even children have a nasty habit of eating things that aren’t for them and it’s important to stop that too.

A sealed container will not only stop unwanted diners getting in, but will keep away moisture, extending the life of your bird food greatly. Tupperware is a really cost effective way to keep your seed in good nick, and for big bags, try going to your local hardware store; storage box with a lid is a great choice. Specific bird feed bins are also available.

If you don’t have a container available, and you really have to store the feed in a bag, then make sure it is kept off the floor, out of direct sunlight and doesn’t get damp.

Where to store bird feed

If you do have a garage, this tends to be the best place possible. Most garages are cool and dry, and don’t have any direct sunlight; an ideal environment for bird food.

Sheds are a mainstay of gardens, but many can get warm in the summer, so if you do store your feed in a shed, go for a windowless shed, or do your best to keep it cool.

Wherever you store your feeds and seed, make sure it is easy to get to. The more to hand it is, the more likely you are to use it; keeping those birds flying high all year.

Happy Tip

Check your feed often. Despite your best efforts, your bird food could go mouldy, get invaded by mice or run out! Treat it like your pantry cupboard essential: always in stock and ready to go.

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