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No Mess Easy Feed Bundle

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No Husk No Grow No Waste Wild Bird Seed Mix, Sunflower Hearts and Fat Balls.

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De-husked, low on mess and big on nutrition, this is a bundle that is packed full of energy and represents fantastic value. By offering this wide selection of feeds, you’ll be able to see finches, doves, tits, and maybe even less common birds such as black caps too!

No Husk No Grow No Waste Wild Bird Seed Mix

Made from a wide variety of high quality cereals and grains, with suet and peanuts to boot, this is a mix that your garden will love as much as your birds. Without the husks, there is a lot less mess, and a lot less chance of things growing where they shouldn’t be or creatures coming to visit that most probably aren’t welcome.

Sunflower Hearts

Also free of husks, this is a high energy straight feed that will attract birds of all sizes, shapes and colours. Packed full of flying power, it’s a no mess feed that’s great all year.

Fat Balls

We might be trying to cut the fat out of our diets, but birds really do need it. Saturated fat balls such as these make for a great treat as the hard texture is easy to peck at, and can be easily packed full of insects - the natural diet of many garden birds.

This fantastic bundle is available as either 2 x 12.75kg bags and one x 150 boxes of 90g Fat Balls, or 4 x 12.75kg and two x 150 boxes of 90g Fat Balls.

39kg- KC8917
78kg - KC8918


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