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The Nuttery Squirrel-Proof Lantern Seed Feeder Celadon Green

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Elegantly shaped like a Chinese lantern, this stylish bird feeder will allow small birds to feed in peace whilst keeping out greedy squirrels and larger birds.

The Nuttery Squirrel-Proof Lantern Seed Feeder features a sturdy, squirrel-proof metal cage surrounding an internal seed feeder. It will attract a wide variety of smaller birds such as Finches, Blue-Tits and Nuthatches whilst preventing larger birds such as pigeons and crows from robbing the food.

The feeder comes with a sturdy metal hook for hanging from tree branches, and its Celadon green finish means that it blends effortlessly into the garden. The feeder has a screw-on lid making it easy to refill and clean. The base of the lantern acts like a tray and helps to prevent seed from spilling on the ground.


  • Suitable For: Seed mixes Sunflower seeds
  • Capacity: 350g
  • Colour: Celadon Green
  • Material: Steel and plastic
  • Features: Attached hook
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 20cm
  • Protects against: Adult grey squirrels and large birds



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