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Jacobi Jayne Goldfinch Finder

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Pre-filled with niger seed, this is a fantastic option if you want to attract the beautiful goldfinch to your garden.

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In Stock - Despatch 28/6/2024

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Suitable For Birds
  • Attract finches - An easy way to discover if goldfinches are visiting your garden
  • Ready to go - Comes prefilled with high-quality niger seed
  • Refillable - No need to throw away, simply refill time after time
  • 2 feeding ports - Dual seed ports, perfectly sized for finches
  • Easy to fill - Snap-off base for quick and easy refills

Lure beautiful finches into your garden with this wonderful goldfinch finder. Goldfinches are quickly growing in population and are becoming a more common sight across the UK. These stunningly distinctive birds love niger seed.

Niger seed is a small black seed that originates from Africa, favoured mainly by finches as the structure of their beak is ideally suited for this tiny seed. Rich in oil content and highly nutritious, niger seed is a staple in any finch’s diet.

This innovative feeder is designed specifically for use with niger seeds, as the teeny-tiny seeds can become a nuisance to garden owners if used with the wrong kind of feeder. The feeder includes two feeding ports, with perch rings for stable feeding and prefilled with delicious niger seed. Simply hang on any branch or feeding station and enjoy watching these beautiful birds feast. Once empty simply refill using the snap-off base.

Dimensions: W50 x L50 x H150mm

G2501 - Jacobi Jayne Goldfinch Finder


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