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High Energy High Fat Bundle

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Sunflower Hearts and Fat Balls.

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Fat for energy, and hearts for nutritional goodness, this is a bundle that’s big on what birds need most. Suitable for smaller birds such as tits, with medium birds loving it too, we’ve put together this bundle as a great all rounder.

Sunflower Hearts

De-husked and easy to eat, these sunflower hearts not only give the birds in your garden a whole lot of energy and a nutritional leg-up, but they also leave behind little in the way of mess. With no husks to worry about, your garden won’t be affected, and unwanted pests won’t feel the need to come and visit.

Fat Balls

Suet, insects and other tasty treats all combined in one easy to offer ball that will keep a wide selection of birds popping back to your garden buffet! Simply pop one of these balls into a specially designed suet ball feeder, and watch as the birds come to happily feed their beaks.

This fantastic bundle is available as either 2 x 12.75kg bags and one 150 x box of 90g Fat Balls or 4 x 12.75kg bags and two 150 x box of 90g Fat Balls.

39kg - KC8921
78kg - KC8922


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