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Peanut splits

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Rich in fat, protein and fibre, and split for an easier meal. Not having to break up the peanuts means your feathered friends can get their meal quicker, and means that smaller birds can get the oil-rich energy-hit too, provided the peanuts are offered in a wire mesh feeder.

This mix of whole and split aflatoxin tested peanuts is ideal for all manner of birds, but especially greenfinches, tits and sparrows. This energy efficient snack is suitable for all year round feeding. In the summer it gives a well needed energy boost to parents rearing their young, while in the winter, it helps all manner of birds as their naturally occurring foods tend to be harder to come by.

Please always offer peanuts and peanut splits in a feeder, as whole peanuts can pose a health risk to smaller birds.

Available in a selection of sizes, peanut splits are a fantastic snack for small, medium and big birds alike.

Please note: the 25.5kg pack size is delivered as 2 x 12.75kg bags and the 28kg pack size is delivered as 2 x 14kg bags.

5kg G2551
12.75kg G2552
14kg KF4728
25.5kg KC8910
28kg KF4734

  • Mesh Nut Feeder
  • Peanuts

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