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Niger Seed for Wild Birds

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A tiny seed that is both rich in oil and highly nutritious. Loved by goldfinches.

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Originating from Africa, this tiny seed is oil rich and highly nutritious. Often referred to as nyjer it is loved by many finches and is a staple of bird feeders across the country.

Unlike larger seed mixes, or even straights such as a sunflower hearts, this is a seed that should exclusively be offered in a seed feeder. It’s tiny makeup is just too small to put anywhere else. So put up a feeder, fill it with niger and watch as a “charm” of little goldfinches come for a meal, using their sharp pointed bills.

Available in a variety of sizes, this decadent bird seed is sure to invite colour to your garden.

Please note: the 25.5kg sacks of Niger Seeds are delivered as 2 x 12.75kg

5kg G2543
12.75kg G2544
25.5kg KC3743


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