Greenfinch Carduelis chloris

This peanut loving finch is a common visitor throughout the British Isles. Expect to see them in thick foliage, and in winter, visiting bird tables in large flocks. This particular finch has adapted well to life in gardens, and may even show a preference for introduced plants.


Some may argue, but the greenfinch is, well, green. The light shade of yellow green is found all over the plumage, though as is often the case, the females are duller, with some signs of grey. Look out for the dark tail.

Harsh and wheezy, the song is often delivered from the tops of bushes and smaller trees. For an undulating percussion, the greenfinch will beat its wings.


The greenfinch feeds mainly on seeds, and loves insects in the summer. In the winter, will eat nuts and fruit. If you’ve got a peanut feeder, the greenfinch will happily come for a high energy snack!


Breeds from April to August, and will sometimes nest in loose colonies. Lays 3-6 pale spotted eggs, which incubate for 12-14 days. Young fledge for 13-17 days. Will produce two, sometimes three broods per year.

Did you know?

Though greenfinch numbers are healthy, numbers have declined in recent years, mainly down to an outbreak of trichomoniasis; a parasitic disease.

Often mistaken with...

It can be easy to mistake the greenfinch for a chaffinch, but the colour should be enough of a marker.

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