Siskin Carduelis spinus

This small black and green finch has flourished in recent years, mainly thanks to the spread of coniferous forest. A common late winter visitor to gardens throughout the country.


A wonderfully coloured little bird, the siskin can be spotted by its green, black and yellow plumage. The pointed bill and a fork tail will also help you identify this active little bird. Males are brighter than the female, with the juvenile siskin being pale too, but with more streaks.

The song of the siskin is a chaotic twittering, by many individuals in a flock.


Naturally, the siskin would feed on alder cones. However, they have now developed a taste for peanuts, often from a feeder, perhaps because they resemble their natural food. Also feeds on insects and seeds.


Breeds in coniferous forests away from gardens, and lays 2-6 eggs in a nest.

Did you know?

The siskin travels and feeds alongside the redpoll, another type of small finch.

Often mistaken with...

The greenfinch. Look for the blackcap of the male siskin, and in general the more yellow colouring.

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