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Bird Feeders

Use bird feeders to entice a variety of wild birds to your home and garden. Choose from our wide range of ground, hanging, window and wall mounted bird feeders here at Happy Beaks. Struggling to find the right bird feeder for you and your visitors? Read our best bird feeder guide to help you choose.

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Bird feeders - a quick guide

Bird feeders are containers or platforms for feeding wild birds. A simple concept: add bird food to your feeder and watch the birds flock. However with so many different types of feeder and food to choose from it's easy to be baffled.

How to attract wild birds to a feeder

Here are seven top tips to help attract wild birds to your new bird feeder:
  1. Offer a variety of wild bird food
  2. Use different feeders across your garden
  3. Locate feeders in a safe, sheltered and quiet place away from predators
  4. Regularly replenish feed
  5. Keep feeders clean
  6. Choose food your local birds like most
  7. Provide fresh water in a shallow bowl or bird bath

For more information on the feeding preferences of different bird species, read out guide on How To Attract Birds To Your Feeding Station.

How to clean a bird feeder

To clean bird feeders and tables:

  • Remove any old or excess bird feed
  • Clean in a container outdoors, using separate utensils
  • Use gloves, hot soapy water and a brush to scrub your feeders clean
  • Apply a mild, animal-friendly disinfectant
  • Ensure feeder is completely dry before adding fresh food
  • Clear any husks and debris from around the feeding area
  • Repeat weekly

Read how you can help avoid diseases and infections spreading and the importance of bird feeder hygiene here.

Where to put feeders for birds

Locate your bird feeders, tables and feeding stations:

  • Away from places where predators can hide
  • Within darting distance to safe havens e.g. trees, hedges
  • In sheltered places with protection from strong winds
  • Where they won't be easily disturbed

Different types of feeder are better suited to different locations. For example, hanging feeders are great on trees and hooks, ground, window and wall mounted feeders are self explanatory!

Which wild bird feeders are best?

Here are the best feeders and the bird species they attract:

We hope you've found the feeders you wanted and hopefully some helpful tips too. For more bird feeding information visit the Happy Beaks blog.

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