Nuthatch Sitta

A truly special bird, this pot bellied little beaut can climb vertically up or down a trunk or branch, using powerful claws. As well as some ameatur free-climbing, nuthatches are also known for fighting off other species competing for food, and even hoarding food, such as nuts, for a rainy day.


A plump potbelly, a large beak and rusty orange underparts make the nuthatch a superbly pretty little bird. The white throat and dark blue wings, with a black stripe over the eye will help you identify the nuthatch.

Listen for a loud and repetitive “peaow” sound.


A hoarder! Though a hoarder, that like the vast majority of birds, loves insects and grubs. Offer seeds and nuts though, and you may well get a visit.


The nuthatch breeds from March to July, and nests in the holes found in trees. Laying 6-8 white eggs, dotted with red spot, the nuthatch will incubate her young for 13-18 days, and the young, once hatched will fledge after around 24 days.

Did you know?

The nuthatch will fight with finches and tits on peanut feeders; this bird doesn’t want to share!

Often mistaken with...

Because of it’s orange belly, it is easy to mistake the nuthatch with a robin; but the black strip on the eye of the nuthatch should make it clear.

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