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More frequently seen than heard, the Treecreeper is a fairly common bird but a tricky one to find with the naked eye!


Identifiable by brown-black upperparts, white underparts and a thin curved beak. As their name suggests, they have a habit of creeping up tree trunks and branches before flying off to the next one in their circuit.


Treecreepers diets consist of insects and seeds, and they have also been known to visit bird feeders that are filled with peanuts.


A nest of twigs, plant material and moss is built in the crevice of a tree where the female treecreeper will incubate a brood of 5-6 eggs. Both parents tend to the young once they have hatched.

Did you know?

Treecreepers always climb upwards on a tree trunk, but never climb down. Once they reach the top, they fly to the bottom of a new tree and start climbing again.

Often mistaken with...

Treecreepers can oftentimes be mistaken with nuthatches, as they are similar in both size and build. However, the nuthatch has blue and peach markings, whereas the treecreeper is a mixture of black, brown and white.

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