Sedge Warbler

Sedge Warbler

A summer visitor the UK, sedge warblers can be spotted in wetlands across the UK from spring until autumn, whereupon they migrate to the Sahara for the winter.


Sandy-brown in colour, sedge warblers are pale underneath and have streaked markings above with a dark, streaked cap. They also sport a distinctive white eye stripe.


Mainly insectivorous during the summer, come autumn they will happily feed on berries and seeds from bird feeders and tables.


Breeding season takes place during spring, and the nest is built between 10cm and 70cm above the ground (but well-hidden in vegetation). The female lays between 5-6 pale green eggs, which she will incubate alone for around two weeks.

Did you know?

Male sedge warblers never sing the same song twice! They continually add in new phrases in order to attract and impress females.

Often mistaken with...

Sedge warblers and reed warblers are very similar in appearance, but they can be told apart by their song. Reed warblers have a more relaxed call, whereas the sedge warbler's is much more spirited!

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