This beautiful bird is the subject of many a superstition and is iconic with its striking plumage. They can be seen in pairs or large groups. Magpies tend to bury surplus food for them to find later. They also have a penchant for shiny objects.


Magpies have a black head, bill, upper breast, and cape, white shoulders, flanks, and belly, with a long, shiny greenish tail with purple tips, and glossy blue-black wings.


Magpies are omnivores, and eat an incredibly varied diet. They'll scavenge for table scraps, eat carrion, berries, fruit, nuts, peas, and grain. These little fellows will be happy to eat whatever you would like to offer them!


Nesting sites are limited, which means that a vast majority of magpies don't breed - these can be found gathering in large flocks. The birds that do breed build large domed nests high up in trees, or in thorny bushes. Females will lay roughly 6 eggs in April, and incubate them for between 18 - 19 days.

Did you know?

Magpies aren't migratory, and will never leave more than 10km from where they hatched.

Often mistaken with...

With their unique plumage, it's unlikely that a magpie will get mistaken for another bird.

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