Willow Warbler

Willow Warbler

A 44% decline in breeding populations since 1970 has sadly seen the Willow Warbler find a place on the RSPB Amber List, however they are making a slow comeback in numbers.


The Willow Warbler has a brownish cap with a pale, yellow-green stripe above the eye along with brown wings that have tints of yellow and green carrying long primary feathers and olive-green underparts.


Feeding on a variety of foods, they are especially keen on small insects and spiders in the summer months. Throughout autumn and into winter they feast on fruits and berries.


Their nests are built close to the ground in a distinctive dome-shape with a hole in the side. The female lays three tiny eggs (the combined weight of a penny), that are glossy white in colour, speckled with reddish-brown spots.

Did you know?

Willow Warblers moult their feathers twice a year, which is fairly unusual in the bird world!

Often mistaken with...

The Willow Warbler looks very similar to the Chiffchaff, but are a brighter yellow-green colour and have pale legs, whereas the Chiffchaff has dark brown on black legs.

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